2013 Mantsinen celebrates 50 years of entrepreneurship. Rauma pulp mill, belonging to MetsäFibre, awards Mantsinen Group the contract for logistic services. Mantsinen launches the largest rubber tyred material handler on the market, Mantsinen120M Hybrilift®.

2012 Mantsinen widens the product range with Mantsinen90 HybriLift® and Mantsinen70.

2011 Mantsinen Group begins logistic services operations at Ovako Steel Mill at Imatra. Mantsinen160 HybriLift® is added to Mantsinen product range.

2010 Mantsinen continues product development and launches Mantsinen 120 HybriLift®.

2008 Mantsinen launches Mantsinen 200 HybriLift®. HybriLift® technology increases fuel efficiency up to 35%.

early 2000s Mantsinen builds international dealer network for Mantsinen material handlers 

2001 Start of wood handling in Pelkola and Kaukopää mill in Imatra. The extension of Mantsinen manufacturing plant completed.

1999 Completion of Mantsinen manufacturing plant in Ylämylly, Liperi

1998 First material handler delivered for port operations. Subsidiaries established: OOO Mantsinen in St.Petersburg, SIA Mantsinen in Riga and Konepaja Mantsinen Oy in Finland.

1997 Beginning of contracting in Latvia

1995 Subsidiary AS Mantsinen in Estonia established.

1994 Beginning of contracting in Estonia

1992 Start of comprehensive wood handling at Enocell Oy's mill; focus on terminal operations

1990 Start of attachment manufacturing

1989 Beginning of logistic services in Russia

1985 Beginning of modification of material handling machines for own use

1984 Opening of Mantsinen's own workshop in Uimaharju

1981 Beginning of forestry machine contracting

1975 Machine rental company VELI-JUSSI established.

1974 Mantsinen won the contract of unloading Russian rail cars at Uimaharju mill.

1963 Mantsinen brothers, Veli and Juhani, started their entrepreneurial career. Farmers started transporting wire wood and timber by Porsche tractor to forestry companies, municipalities and to a local dairy.

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