Quality and Environment

Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy has been certificated by DNV according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The Mantsinen Group is strongly committed to improving its quality systems alongside its environmental and health and safety operations.
All Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy business activities are certified. 

We are committed to improving our integrated operational system continuously. Here at Mantsinen we are paying attention to the environmental, health and safety aspects in all of our operations.
In logistics services – the Mantsinen Group continuously streamlines processes and renews machinery fleet to reduce emissions and help improve fuel economy figures.
Mantsinen's research and development team works non-stop to discover the most economical and ecological solutions. One such creation was The HybriLift® energy saving system, introduced in 2008, it has already proven to reduce fuel consumption up to 35 per cent. Electo-powered machines reduce both the energy consumption as well as noise pollution levels considerably.

Strategy and Vision

Most Economical and Ecological


Mantsinen Energy Saving System
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