Strategy and Vision

The Mantsinen vision is to provide our customers with the most economical and ecological solutions to bulk and general cargo handling.
Our background as logistic service providers gives us a strong customer perspective to the development of material handlers. We can relate to the needs of our machinery customers – Mantsinen understands the needs and daily challenges - therefore we can always provide the best possible solutions.
Our commitment to research and development and product innovations also improve our own machinery fleet at logistic services. Mantsinen aims to provide the lowest cost per ton and commits to a long-term development partnership to reach this goal together with our customers.
The Mantsinen promise to both our logistic service and machinery customers can be explained in five simple points:
  • Our understanding of your needs is the best on the market
  • Our solution is the most economical and ecological
  • Our cost per ton is the lowest on the market
  • Our service and products are reliable
  • Our product support is always available
Mantsinen is and always will be a family company – a family company operating internationally with the local knowledge to make difference to your business.

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