Information about cookies

Information about the cookies utilised by the website

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the user’s computer when they visit a website. Cookies do not contain personal data, and they cannot be used for running programs or saving viruses on the user’s computer. Cookies are used for collecting, e.g., the following data: downloaded web pages, browser type, operating system, date.

You can block or restrict the use of cookies or remove them from your browser. Since cookies enable our website to function, restricting the use of cookies may affect the usability of the site.

The website utilises cookies to implement services, target marketing, and improve the user experience. Additional information on the applications that use cookies on our site is provided below.

Digitime web publishing system

The Digitime publishing system uses cookies for identifying the user’s website visit and enabling the smooth operation of the online service. No personal data is collected in the cookies, and the collected data cannot be traced to an individual person.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics application utilises cookies, with the aid of which statistics can be compiled on the use of the website for analysis. Cookies collect anonymous data on the website traffic. Such data cannot be traced to individual persons.

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The AddThis service makes it possible for the content of the website to be easily shared with social media services.
On our website, the service is visible in the row of share buttons. The service uses cookies to implement the service and monitor its use.

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Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, with the aid of which the user can start liking Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy on Facebook, has been placed on the website. Facebook uses cookies, e.g., for implementing the service, targeting advertisements, analytics, and research.

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Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy’s videos that have been uploaded to YouTube are embedded in the website. YouTube utilises cookies, e.g., for implementing the service, targeting advertisements, and analysing the use of the service.

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How can I prevent the use of cookies or remove existing cookies?

Cookies are not used for collecting the visitors’ personal data. By changing the browser settings, you can prevent the use of cookies by the website or a third-party site, if you wish. If you need additional information, consult ‘Help’ on your browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, so if you do not want to allow the use of cookies, it might be necessary to actively remove or block the cookies.