Mantsinen Dualpower™ is the first ever dual power concept in material handling machines.

Mantsinen has paved the way with its innovations before and is now launching new Dualpower technology to the market. Mantsinen Dualpower™ is the first ever dual power concept in material handling machines. It combines the best features of both electric motors and diesel engine resulting in a union of mobility, productivity and advanced environmental friendliness. 


Engbergs operates at Östrand pulp mill, about 12 kilometers from Sundsvall port on the Swedish East Coast. Engbergs operates mostly with vessel offloading of round wood and woodchips, and additionally they have started with bark-handling. Engbergs has a long history with Mantsinen Group, going back over 20 years. During this time they have seen the development of Mantsinen to the size the company is today. It was therefore easy to choose new material handling machines from Mantsinen that were needed in order to increase production capacity by 100%.

Choosing Mantsinen material handlers comes natural for Kjell Arne Engberg, CEO of Engbergs.
“Our relationship with Mantsinen has deepened during the years. In 2003, our first Mantsinen machine was put to use and we were very satisfied with the machine, not to mention the service support we got. No matter where in the world our contact was, they always answered the phone.”

In 2009 Engbergs ordered another Mantsinen material handler, and in 2017 the cooperation was taken to a new level when discussions about Mantsinen’s latest innovation started; the Dualpower material handler. The Mantsinen Dualpower is the first real dual power concept within big material handling machines utilizing twin engine technology. It combines the best features of both electric motors and diesel engine, resulting in a union of mobility, productivity and advanced environmental friendliness.


Engbergs was the first customer to acquire a Mantsinen’s Dualpower machine, in this case a Mantsinen 120 with crawler gantry undercarriage. 

“I am very open minded towards development of new technology. We purchased one diesel Mantsinen 120 and one Mantsinen 120 with Dualpower. The reason for the machine renewal was that the pulp mill decided to increase production by 100% and we needed to solve the logistics accordingly. In all our investments, we look into the possibility of reducing carbon emissions. We wanted this solution because it combines two benefits: when you reduce emissions, you also reduce costs . It is a win-win situation. However, we still needed a diesel driven machine too, because we could not access electrical power all around the Pulp Mill area. The pulp mill was luckily very interested in helping us build the power grid solution.”


One of the benefits of the Dualpower is easy maintenance. The technology is based on standard components, allowing easy service and normal spare parts availability. Pairing this technology with the Mantsinen Insight™ remote monitoring system allows smooth operation and less unexpected surprises.

“The material handler works well, and it has reduced the need for maintenance. I believe that the maintenance in these kinds of machines will be more and more remote. The Mantsinen Insight lets the machine tell you if something is not right. In the future I think we could even solve some problems remotely and not on the site.”

In addition to maintenance needs, the Mantsinen Insight also records all the important data on performance and efficiency. Engbergs has achieved the production increase they wanted with the help of the Mantsinen 120 Dualpower. “Looking at the last 7 days, we have lifted 23 000 tonnes mainly running on electric motor. Our production has been in average 435 tonnes per hour.”


Megatrends of intelligent data and environmentally friendly solutions are unstoppable. Development cycles gain speed and companies are more willing to try new solutions.

“The speed of development is very interesting. This is mostly seen in cars, but also in industrial machines – there is a need to get away from fossil fuels. Even in the financial markets, there will be a trend of environmental friendliness, for example interest rates being depended on how much your investments affect the environment. Also reusing material and components will develop further.”

Other suppliers were also considered during the purchasing process. Engbergs has a habit of a meticulous background investigation before seeking quotes. Mantsinen was selected as the competitors did not quite meet Engbergs standards. 

“With our investigation looking into the investment, it was very clear to us what we needed from the machine. It seems this material handler with both diesel and electric drive is the right solution for us. We have reduced the emissions enormously”, Engberg sums up.

Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy
Material Handling Machines
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Mantsinen Dualpower™ is the first ever dual power concept in material handling machines. »

Mantsinen has paved the way with its innovations before and is now launching new Dualpower technology to the market. Mantsinen Dualpower™ is the first ever dual power concept in material handlin...

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