Clamshell Buckets

Mantsinen clamshell buckets are designed to fit your needs. For optimum performance, different materials require different features. At Mantsinen we have developed a solution for both heavy duty operations as well as lighter materials.
Mantsinen clamshell buckets have been developed for versatile and changing customer needs with increased productivity in mind. The design of the Mantsinen clamshell buckets is based on worldwide experience in demanding applications requiring the highest levels of reliability, functionality, and safety.
The product range of the Mantsinen clamshell buckets covers material handling machines starting from 60 tons. Multiple quick coupler options make changing the attachments easy and safe increasing the versatility of the material handling machine without slowing down the production.


Examples of standard clamshell buckets

Products with two hydraulic cylinders

Products with four hydraulic cylinders 

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