Orange Peel Grabs

Mantsinen orange peel grabs are designed using our customer feedback and therefore they are optimised for use with material handling machines. The Mantsinen grabs are suitable for handling scrap, rock, and other materials requiring durability and reliability.

Depending on the material our orange peel grabs are available with four, five, or six tines with open, semi-open, or closed design. Our standard selection covers sizes from 0,8 m3 to 10 m3.

In addition to traditional scrap grabs, we offer models specifically designed to load and unload trucks and railcars. The shape of these grabs provides increased efficiency in the operation over the traditional models.

Like most of our attachments, the scrap grabs are available with a quick disconnect or fixed rotator. When the grab is equipped with the quick disconnect adapterm, changing the attachments is safe and quick.


Examples of standard orange peel grabs

Grabs with five tines


Grabs with six tines

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