Mantsinen 300 is the largest hydraulic crane in the world

Mantsinen 300 material handler takes dock work efficiency to a new level. This enables the fastest work cycle on the  cargo handling market and the best productivity in its size class.

Mantsinen 300 is designed to meet the requirements of modern material handling and moving bulk cargo on Panamax class ships, but it can also handle heavy general cargo and containers. For example, the harbor crane is able to move a full 40ft container about 48 metres without having to change position.

Despite its massive size, Mantsinen 300 is just as agile and precise as smaller material handlers. Good controllability decreases the risks involved in the use of material lifting equipment and handling heavy objects, thus increasing work safety.

Mantsinen has been the global frontrunner in developing the energy efficiency of material handlers since 2006. A next generation HybriLift® -energy recovery system has been developed and patented for Mantsinen 300. The system improves energy efficiency further than ever before, even in large harbor cranes.

Mantsinen 300 is available with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. The undercarriage can be chosen and optimised according to the client’s needs. The options include undercarriages with tracks, rubber tyres, rails, or a fixed platform. Mantsinen designs and manufactures its own attachments, thus optimised attachments can be offered for all kinds of uses and for any machine type.

Mantsinen 200

Maximum reach 37 meters

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