Mantsinen 60 is  compact, yet strong and smart and tailored for especially round-wood and scrap handling. Mantsinen 60 has a maximum reach of 20,5 meters.

The Mantsinen 60 carries all the operation-proven Mantsinen qualities in a condensed package. Combining agility, intelligence and strength, the Mantsinen 60 also comes equipped with the Mantsinen Insight™ as standard, and it is optimized for mid-scale material handling.

Mantsinen 60 is available with diesel engine as well as two different types of undercarriages: on wheels and on tracks.

There is available two cabins: standard one-man cabin or large two-man cabin. You can make a choice of two fixed cabin positions or two different cabin elevators. Mantsinen 60 stability and safety is ensured in the most challenging environments. Add Mantsinen attachment to your Mantsinen 60 and find a perfect match for your requirements. With Mantsinen quick coupling, the change of attachment can be made in a few minutes.

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