Mantsinen 90 is a versatile option for ports, terminals and mills. HybriLift® energy saving system, which comes as standard, energy consumption is decreased by up to 35%. Mantsinen 90 has a maximum reach of 26 meters.

Mantsinen 90 is available with electric motor or diesel engine. Mantsinen PowerPack ensures that you can move and operate some hydraulic functions of your electric powered material handler even without access to mains power. HybriLift® energy saving system comes as standard with this product.

Mantsinen 90 comes equipped with an undercarriage to best fit your needs. Our product range includes several options including Mantsinen 90 R on tracks and Mantsinen 90 M on wheels. Stationary Mantsinen 90 F and Mantsinen 90 S on rails are tailor-made to meet your requirements.

There is a choice of three fixed cabin positions or two different cabin elevators. The Mantsinen 90 stability and safety is ensured in all options and in the most challenging environments. Add Mantsinen attachment to your Mantsinen 90 and find a perfect match for your needs. With Mantsinen quick coupling, the change of attachment can be made in a few minutes.

Mantsinen 70

Maximum reach 24 meters

Mantsinen 120

Maximum reach 27 meters

Mantsinen 90

Maximum reach 26 meters

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