Mantsinen Cabin Options

Mantsinen can always provide the optimal cabin solution to your material handler. We either offer a choice of two versions of Mantsinen cabin elevator or three versions of fixed cabin. Visibility, safety and ergonomy is secured in all options.

The patented Mantsinen cabin elevator is available for all Mantsinen material handlers. Mantsinen cabin elevator features independent vertical and horizontal movements to ensure optimal position and complete visibility to loading targets.

Also fixed mounting for cabin is available in three positions. When cabin elevator is not necessary, we still can provide optimum visibility in different operational environments.

Mantsinen understands that the operator is a key to optimum productivity. Mantsinen harbour cabin is ergonomical, climate control and large enough to fit an instructor on-board. Mantsinen Safety System and Mantsinen Control System have separate monitors to ensure continuous control.

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