Strongest of them all - Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift

Back in August 2014, Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy delivered a 200 M HybriLift® to Cuypers Vorkliften Nv, Port of Antwerpen, Belgium. The Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® is a mobile hydraulic harbor crane, mounted on a wheel based undercarriage. A Mantsinen harbour crane is mainly in the loading of steel coils and other steel products - it boasts an impressive productivity of 60 cycles per hour in steel coil handling.

Cuypers Vorkliften Nv is an Antwerpen based rental company which specialises in heavy forklift trucks, container reachstackers, empty-container handlers, RoRo-tractors  (2x4 and 4x4) and hydraulic cranes. Cuypers Vorkliften is a renowned operator in the Port of Antwerpen, providing short and long term rental with experienced and trained operators/drivers to its customers. Its machinery is available for a wide range of material handling and the fleet includes several special attachments. Head office and service workshop of Cuypers Vorkliften is located centrally in the Port of Antwerpen and is known for its 24/7 services.

Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® is the newest and largest investment for Cuypers Vorkliften Nv. First introduced in June 2014, the Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® is currently the strongest and largest hydraulic material handler in the market with a wheel based undercarriage. Crane reach is an impressive 26 meters with a lifting capacity is impressive 36 tons at 20 meters reach. Despite the enormous size of the machine, it provides precision, speed and safety which hydraulic material handlers are well known for. The Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift is equipped with a powerful stage 4 final Volvo diesel engine - boosted by the Mantsinen HybriLift® energy storage and recovery system. HybriLift® technology was launched by Mantsinen in 2008 and has a solid record of improving energy efficiency by up to 35%.

Owners of Cuypers Vorkliften Nv, Mr. Lieven Van Hoylandt and Mr.Marc Cuypers are delighted with their new investment. Mr. Van Hoylandt said, “Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® has proven to be a very efficient, safe and economical crane for our operations”. Adding, “At this moment machine is operating at Wijngaard Natie terminal and mainly handling steel coils, every lift between 10 – 36 tons net weight by using the special attachment for steel products especially designed “by Cuypers” for coil handling”. Cuypers coil clamp has been tested for 4 000 operating hours(SWL 25 ton) with the Mantsinen RHC 140 hydraulic crane, delivered to Cuypers in 2007.

Cuypers Vorkliften has been extremely satisfied with the performance of Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® and has already placed a repeat order. Mr. Van Hoylandt comments: “the speed of the crane is more than we expected and fuel consumption less than was calculated, so far our future plans are to utilize this modern crane in our rental ship loading and unloading operations with materials of break bulk.” Adding, “We have also made the repeat order for second Mantsinen 200 M HybriLift® crane. The second crane will be delivered February 2015 and will be operating at Nova & Hesse-Noord Natie Stevedoring NV terminal.”

Mantsinen 200

Maximum reach 37 meters
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