Galloo Gent, Efficient Scrap Handling with Mantsinen 160M


Galloo Gent at the port of Ghent in Belgium is a hub for international scrap trade. Every year around 900,000 tons of steel scrap is exported through Galloo to customers around the world. To increase the Export Terminal efficiency, Galloo acquired a Mantsinen 160M material handling machine.

Galloo is one of the leading European recycling companies. Its sites are located in Belgium, in northern France, and in the Netherlands.  The core business is transforming ferrous, non-ferrous, and plastic waste into new raw material, which is then sold worldwide for further use. Galloo exports scrap mainly through its export terminal Galloo Gent.

“When we expanded Galloo Gent, we needed a robust crane that can handle the heavy scrap loads. We also wanted the machine to be very flexible, so it could easily move around in the terminal. Thirdly, it should  also have low operational cost. These criteria led us to choose the Mantsinen 160M”, says Lieven Neerinck, Galloo´s Export Manager and Site Manager at Galloo Gent.

“We also had one specific requirement, which was a water tank that can be used during loading and unloading to settle the scrap dust that is an environmental and a workplace hazard. This equipment was installed by a local subcontractor in good coordination with Mantsinen Group.”

Fast, faster, Mantsinen

The Mantsinen 160M has increased flexibility and efficiency. Unloading is now much faster and it enables a quicker turnaround of the vessels

“The main role of the Mantsinen material handler is to discharge barges quick and easy, and another is to pile up scrap before the vessel arrives. Sometimes we also use the Mantsinen together with other cranes to load a vessel. This flexibility is very important to us. Unloading is now much quicker, and instead of discharging two barges a day we can now discharge four barges a day.

Piling up scrap is also much easier, and the Mantsinen harbor crane has replaced at least two cranes in doing that.”

In addition to efficiency and flexibility, Neerinck also compliments the usability of the Mantsinen material handling machine.  “I have gotten good feedback from the operators and they are very happy with the Mantsinen. It is well-equipped, comfortable, and safe and easy to use.”

Good cooperation and values

Galloo contacted Mantsinen through local dealer Heavy Handling, who convinced them to choose the Mantsinen material handler.

“During the production process we visited the factory in Finland and got a very good feeling about the company and how the machines are made. Mantsinen is a family-owned company like us and it was nice to see those values present.”

What about the future then?

“I think efficiency, security, and cost will become more and more important in the near future. The  manufacturer who can combine these in the best possible ways will have a very bright future ahead of them, and I must say that Mantsinen is performing very well on these.”

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