Port of Norrköping values close cooperation

The cooperation of the Port of Norrköping in Sweden and Mantsinen Group started already in 2011. Since then Mantsinen has delivered five material handling machines to the port. The cooperation has been close and fruitful.

“It is a great benefit to be able to cooperate in customizing  the cranes to match our needs. Our machine operators have been involved in the purchasing  process from an early stage, and our specific demands have been met”, says Marketing Manager Ola Hjärtström from the Port of Norrköping.

The best possible working environment

The Port of Norrköping is very pleased with the cooperation.

“For us, the working environment of the machine operators is highly important. It is their working place all year round and they need to have comfortable and efficient working conditions. This is why our operators are involved in the investment early on.”

“Of course, we also benefit from cost-effective and handling-effective loading and unloading of the vessels. We can use these cranes in a flexible manner for a variety of goods; timber, bulk bags, salt for roads, paper rolls etc.”, Hjärtström continues.

Working against climate change and decreasing the environmental impact are significant goals for the port. Choosing electric material handling machines is a part of this.

“Sustainability is of great importance not only for us, but also for our customers. They are asking environmentally friendly solutions and we want to provide that.”

It is about being partners

Hjärtström notes that they have good experience also of the after sales process.

“We have our own service center for maintenance of the cranes, but we get assistance from Mantsinen when needed.”

The Port of Norrköping is owned by the municipality of Norrköping and their purchase decisions are based on public procurement. Mantsinen has won all material handling procurements in recent years.

“A close relationship with a supplier is essential in our investments."

Ola Hjärtström, marketing manager.

Mantsinen 200

Maximum reach 37 meters

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Maximum reach 27 meters

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