Double capacity with Mantsinen 120 M

More load with less energy with Mantsinen 120 M HybriLift® for Schuster Entsorgung in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Barge loading capacity was more than doubled when old cable crane was replaced.
Schuster Entsorgung GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany has a large contract of soil transportation by barge. Throughout the years of operation the company has been using a cable crane with an average loading capacity of a mere 175 tons per hour. Due to the new larger contract, they were required to increase their barge loading capacity substantially in order to to enable them to have barge loading completed in early afternoon, starting in the morning of the the same day.
Mantsinen, together with their German dealer Kiesel, supplied Schuster with a Mantsinen 120 M with a rubber tyre undercarriage in June. After a couple of weeks the new machine had doubled their capacity and some time later the capacity had reached 500 tons per hour. This, together with lower operating costs of the Mantsinen material handler, has seen a substantial improvement in Schuster’s barge loading operation.
Schuster opted for a rubber tyre machine for better mobility on their quay as the Mantsinen is also used as an all-round machine for other loading purposes than barges. The HybriLift® technology makes it possible to use the large machine economically even for truck loading.
The machine has a 27 m horizontal reach to reach down to the river barges and to be able to work over the slope between the machine and the barges. The Mantsinen cab elevator with independent horizontal and vertical movements and therefore the operator an excellent visibility into the barge.

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Mantsinen 120

Maximum reach 27 meters
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