Handling Containers with Hydraulic Precision

Mantsinen strategy has been to provide its customers the most efficient and safe solutions to bulk material handling. Traditionally, Mantsinen machines have been used with dry bulk as well as forestry and metal industry raw materials and finished products. Now we can provide a quick and efficient solution also for container handling up to 45 TEUS per hour.

From the very beginning of our company history, Mantsinen has been to providing its customers the most efficient and safe solutions to bulk material handling. Over the past 50 years, Mantsinen has focused its efforts on handling bulk materials in the most safe and efficient manner. The company first operated as a provider of logistic services for forestry industry in Finland and Russia. This business is still an important part of Mantsinen operations to this day and the company continues to handle about 25 million tons of round wood and other bulk materials annually.

This operational background gave Mantsinen a strong end user perspective when the company begun to produce hydraulic material handling machines late 1990s. Since then, several applications have been found in ports, industrial environments and terminals. Mantsinen material handling machines handle coal and other dry bulk, scrap metal as well as finished metal products, round wood and the finished forestry products and other materials.

Now, the efficiency required in material handling has taken the next step and the pressure to improve productivity is continuous. For inland waterways and short sea shipping a multi-purpose fleet is a must and Mantsinen 200 HybriLift® can be the solution. Besides bulk materials, Mantsinen 200 HybriLift® can now handle full containers up to 5 wide and 4 high. The productivity of the hydraulic crane is one key benefit: Mantsinen 200 HybriLift® has a capacity exceeding 45 TEUs per hour.

Mantsinen 200 is equipped with HybriLift®, which decreases energy consumption up to 35%. Track based machinery is also easy to move to different locations in ports. When machinery is not needed for loading or unloading of vessels or barges, it can be used in terminal operations, eg. loading and unloading trucks or rail cars.

Efficiency, speed and safety of handling bulk goods as well as containers has been raised to a new level.

Mantsinen 200

Maximum reach 37 meters
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