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From the very beginning of the company history, Mantsinen strategy has been to provide its customers the most efficient and safe solutions to bulk material handling. Currently Mantsinen Group has two business units, Logistic Services and Material Handling Machinery, which both give unique solutions to reach this goal.

Mantsinen begun as logistic services provider for forestry industry in Finland and in Russia. This business is still an important part of Mantsinen operations and the company handles about 25 million tons of round wood and other bulk materials annually. This means that over the years Mantsinen has loaded and unloaded over 10 million railcars and trucks, which is an achievement only few companies in Finland can boast.

This operational background gave Mantsinen a strong end user perspective when the company begun production of hydraulic material handlers in the late 1990s. Since then, several applications have been found in ports, industrial environments and terminals. Mantsinen material handling machines handle coal and other dry bulk, scrap metal as well as finished metal products, round wood and the finished forestry products and other materials. New applications are generated continuously to meet customer demands.

Today, Mantsinen is an international company with local perspective. Operations are divided to two strong business units, material handlers and logistic services. Logistic services are provided in Finland and Russia and we aim to be the most respected partner for outsourcing operations at wood or scrap yards or terminals. Material handlers are manufactured at Ylämylly, North-Karelia, Finland and delivered worldwide through our extensive partner network.

Mantsinen is still a family-owned company. Veli Mantsinen continues as the Chairman of the Board and the next generation has committed to continue the legacy. Currently Mia Mantsinen is Vice President of Material Handling Machinery unit and Mikko Mantsinen is Service Manager of Logistic Services unit. Besides their operational roles both are members of the Board of Directors.

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