Strategy and Vision

Mantsinen vision is to provide our customers the most economical and ecological solutions to bulk and general cargo handling.

Our long-term operational background as logistic service providers gives us strong customer viewpoint to the development of material handlers. We’re on the same side as our machinery customers – Mantsinen understands their needs and daily challenges and therefore provide the best possible solutions.

Vice versa, our continuous cutting-egde R&D and product innovations also improve our own machinery fleet at logistic services. Mantsinen aims to provide the lowest cost per ton and commits to long-term development partnership to reach this goal together with our customers.

Mantsinen promise to customers for both logistic services and machinery can be summarized in five key themes:

  • Our understanding of your needs is the best on the market
  • Our solution is the most economical and ecological
  • Our cost per ton is the lowest on the markets
  • Our service and products are reliable
  • Our product support is always available

Mantsinen is a family company, operating internationally but with local knowledge and organization.

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