Mantsinen HybriLift

Mantsinen HybriLift® set industry standards in energy saving systems. Mantsinen HybriLift® energy storage and redelivery system decreases energy consumption and costs up to 35%.

With HybriLift®, the energy created by lowering the booms is accumulated and reused, which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and emissions. Once main boom is lowered, oil is pumped from cylinder to pressure accumulators where gas pressure increases and energy is accumulated. This stored energy is used to raise booms. More load will be lifted with less energy.

HybriLift® technology consists of HybriLift® cylinders and a set of pressure accumulators. In Mantsinen 120 and smaller machines, HybriLift® chambers are integrated with main boom cylinders and in larger models main boom has a third HybriLift® cylinder, which is connected to the pressure accumulators.

Mantsinen HybriLift® material handlers have smaller diesel engines or electric motors than their traditional counterparts. This improves fuel economy and lower emissions, as well as reduces services costs.

Mantsinen begun testing and development of HybriLift® already in 2006. First Mantsinen material handler with HybriLift® was launched in 2008. Mantsinen has since widened the product range and HybriLift® is a standard feature in Mantsinen 90, Mantsinen 120, Mantsinen 160 and Mantsinen 200.

For Mantsinen 70 HybriLift® is available as optional feature.

Mantsinen 200

Reaching to 121'

Mantsinen 300

Reaching to 124'

Mantsinen 160

Reaching to 103'

Mantsinen 120

Reaching to 90'
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