Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab

The port of Inkoo is a privately owned, public commercial port. 

The annual cargo turnover of the port is approx. one million metric tons, consisting entirely of tramp shipping. 

There is no line shipping in the port. Inkoo Shipping Oy Ab has invested in a Mantsinen 140M material handler, which was introduced in 2019.

Technical Manager, Port Safety Officer Jani Nordman describes the machine investment:

"Domesticity is a great plus. The model and type have been good and strong. We have previous experience with these machines.

In Mantsinen, I appreciate the highly finished product that is tailored for customer needs. The machine has been refined to work in ports and especially with our products. 

The Mantsinen 140 is energy efficient, and this can be seen in both cost and time savings. The machine is fast and efficient.”

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