StoraEnso Kaukopää mills

StoraEnso Oyj’s Kaukopää production unit is located in Imatra, Finland, 250km east of Helsinki, on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa. Since 2001, StoraEnso has outsourced its incoming round wood handling to Mantsinen.

The Kaukopää mill is one of the most versatile and diverse operations Mantsinen is involved in: employing 50 members of staff, 15 machine units and 7 transportation units handle over 5 million m3 of round wood and wood chips. This wood is shipped to the Kaukopää mill via road, rail nd small vessels from Finland and abroad.

Mantsinen machines operate in all areas of wood handling, but there are two machines that are especially crucial for achieving continuous wood flow.

One of them is Mantsinen 90 ER HybriLift®, which feeds the debarking plant. The operator, Timo Kemppinen, from Stora Enso Oyj, commented that mastering Mantsinen 90 was simple based on earlier experience from forestry machines. He praised the low noise level of the cabin and the responsiveness of controls also got top marks.

Another crucial point of Mantsinen operations is the harbor of Vuoksi, where over 350 vessels of round wood are unloaded during navigation period between April – December. Vuoksi harbor is part of the StoraEnso mill area in Kaukopää. The captain of the “Helga”, one of the vessels continuously in operation in the harbour, commented that Mantsinen has always been efficient and delays have been minimal, even compared with several other harbors the "Helga" regurarly visits.

The main machine unloading vessels is Mantsinen 70 HybriLift®. Experienced operators will appreciate the improved ergonomic controls of the machine as well as decreased noise level when compared with the first generation of Mantsinen machines. Another key feature is the remote control system, which allows factory service team to control the machine operations via internet connection and to make any necessary adjustments.

Kaukopää production unit is part of Imatra Mills belongin to the Renewable Packaging unit of StoraEnso.  Mills produce a million tonnes of consumer board and specialty paper annually, over 90% of which is exported. Raw materials used are birch, pine and spruce, incoming both round wood and wood chips.Mills have altogether 8 board, paper and coating machines. Imatra mills employ ca. 1000 employees as well as a vast number of subcontractors and business partners. For more information visit StoraEnso site.

Mantsinen 90

Maximum reach 85'3"

Mantsinen 70

Max. reach 78'9"